I think I see a trend here

Via an email from Chet:

The source is here.

I’m sure glad the stimulus plan saved 150,000 jobs since February. Just for scale, assuming the claim was true, those alleged 150,000 jobs account for about two widths of the horizontal lines in the above graph–since the beginning of the recession in the middle of 2008 about 6.2 MILLION jobs have been lost. Hence those 150,000 make a difference of about 2.4%.

So the government authorized spending nearly $800 Billion of money they didn’t have and now is considering spending more in a second attempt.

I think I see a trend here–these people just don’t learn, do they?


2 thoughts on “I think I see a trend here

  1. Personally, if they had just declared a tax moratorium and not blithely extracted the billions of dollars from the taxpayers I would surmise that the private sector that creates all the jobs and so called ‘wealth’ would be tremendously better off. Now they are in dire straits and its not likely to be an improving economy any time soon as indicated by the graph.

    Then again because they are politicians and like power and spending other people’s money it was a no brainer that they would pursue those actions.

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