Quote of the day–M. Carol Bambery

The District’s current prohibition against handguns and immediately serviceable firearms in the home effectively eliminates a woman’s ability to defend her very life and those of her children against violent attack. Women are simply less likely to be able to thwart violence using means currently permitted under D.C. law. Women are generally less physically strong, making it less likely that most physical confrontations will end favorably for women. Women with access to immediately disabling means, however, have been proven to benefit from the equalization of strength differential a handgun provides. Women’s ability to own such serviceable firearms is indeed of even greater importance given the holdings of both federal and state courts that there is no individual right to police protection.

M. Carol Bambery
Brief of amicae curiae 126 women state legislators and academics in support of respondent.

1 thought on “Quote of the day–M. Carol Bambery

  1. It’s been said over and over again – “gun control” isn’t about controlling guns, it’s about controlling people.

    Absent some equalizing factor (ie, firearms), women are easier to physically control than men… men tend to be bigger and stronger (IN GENERAL, ON AVERAGE, NOT AS SPECIMEN-BY-SPECIMEN please don’t kill me on that statement). Therefore, women GENERALLY will benefit more from a tool that is an absolute equalizer.

    I guess I’m saying the same thing as M. Carol Bambery, but I’ll say it more plainly.

    If you disallow law-abiding people (especially women) to own firearms legally, you condemn them to be the prey of larger, stronger, or more numerous law-breaking predators.

    Of course, with that statement, we get right down to the issue of bigotry. The smaller should be prey to the larger, or more numerous.

    And with that, we get back to Joe’s Just One Question: (paraphrased, because I doubt I’ll quote it exactly right): Name one time or place in history, where law-abiding people were made safer by restricting their access to effective hand-held weapons.

    Answer that question, and we can begin a debate. Fail to answer that Just One Question, and your position on gun control is MADE OF FAIL.

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