Another year of amnesty for Canadian gun owners

Canada said they wanted all the guns in the country registered. The gun owners said, “Μολὼν λαβέ“. Canada said, “Okay, how about we waive the license fee and you get another year to register them?” The gun owners said, “Μολὼν λαβέ“. The registration law was passed in 1995. It’s now 14 years later and what is the story? See for yourself:

The Honourable Vic Toews, President of the Treasury Board, on behalf of the Honourable Peter Van Loan, Minister of Public Safety, today announced the re-extension of an amnesty and other measures that helps firearms owners comply with the law.

“This Government has, once again, extended the amnesty to continue to bring law-abiding citizens into our licensing system,” said Minister Toews. “We are preventing the pointless criminalization of non-restricted gun owners, who are working to come into compliance with our firearms laws.”

“Make no mistake. This amnesty actually serves to enhance public safety. When previously extended, the amnesty encouraged an increase of gun owners registering as licensed firearms owners, as did the other measures we are renewing today,” said Minister Van Loan.

The following three measures, which will encourage compliance and reduce the administrative burden on lawful firearms owners, are now in effect until May 16, 2010:

– Extending by one year an amnesty which allows individuals in possession of unregistered non-restricted firearms to take steps to bring themselves into compliance;

– Extending by one year the current fee waiver for firearms licence renewals or upgrades; and,

– Allowing eligible holders of expired Possession-Only Licences to apply for a new one within a year.

“Our effort to combat criminal gun crimes remains strong. We have introduced mandatory prison sentences for those who commit gun crimes and tougher bail rules for serious weapon-related offences,” added Minister Van Loan.

All together now, everyone!  Μολὼν λαβέ