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I knew that the battle was futile when I couldn’t convince a girl I know, hell, a girl I love with all my heart–American, but of immediate Jewish Russian extraction, who herself had fled the Soviet Union as a child–that private ownership of arms was of vital importance.

After that, well, what else do you say?

April 12, 2009
Comment at Hell In A Hand Basket
[I think it depends what one means by “battle”. I’m certain there are people that can never be convinced. Evidence is irrelevant to their beliefs. But I do believe that enough people can be convinced that we can live our lives relatively free with only a few bigots who rant at us on special occasions. But they will be relegated to a status like Fred Phelps or the Grand Wizard of the KKK who are recognized as kooks by nearly all thinking people. It may take a generation or three but I think it can be done.–Joe]


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