Maybe he practices being ignorant

From a letter to the editor in the Washington Post:

Mr. Cox took the usual NRA rhetoric to a new level with his suggestion that the “right” to own a gun is more important than the right to vote. Our founding fathers and all of those who worked so hard over the years to ensure the promise of freedom and equality for all citizens would find Mr. Cox’s claim to be contrary to everything this country stands for.

Uh… The writer, LASLO BOYD, is totally clueless about our voting history.


4 thoughts on “Maybe he practices being ignorant

  1. Completely leaving aside the issue of “rights”, I am _much_ more comfortable with my neighbors having any and all firearms they want than I am with them having the vote. The world would be a better place if we were to add more restrictions on the topics subject to a vote and removed restrictions on firearms and who is “allowed” to have them.

  2. Yeah, technically, if our rights were in fact safe from violation, as the constitution promises, by that fact alone it would not be so important to vote. It’s when government becomes a mob that people’s lives can be turned upside-down due to the results of elections.

  3. Duh…
    With a weapon, I can defend my right to vote.

    Can I defend my right to be armed, with my vote?

    eh… not so much..

  4. “Uh… The writer, LASLO BOYD, is totally clueless about our voting history.”-Joe

    Uh… The writer, LASLO BOYD, is totally clueless. There! Fixed it for you.

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