Facts? Who cares?

From a reader submitted editorial:

But in Iowa, when a gun discussion was brought up, it referred to hunting and those scraggly guys wearing the camouflage and driving the rusted Ford pickup. Instead of hearing about which person got shot over the weekend, I was hearing something along the lines of “Boy, I ‘m going to gut that coon I shot on Sunday and hang it up in the garage!”

Great stereotype you got there buddy. Did you learn all about the validity of stereotypes while you were attending Klan orientation?

The Brady Campaign is a U.S. organization that supports both gun control and gun owners’ rights.

Can anyone name just one gun control law the Brady Campaign opposed? Does the KKK support both n****r control and civil rights? How can this person think that is even possible?

If Obama is able to pass stricter gun laws, hunters will suffer and be at an uproar. If Obama doesn’t change anything in regards to gun control, those grieving mothers and communities will be screaming in his ear, asking why he hasn’t done anything about it.

The classic bolt action deer rifle and shotguns used for bird hunting are the furthest down on Obama’s list and as a class of guns are probably the least used in crimes. I don’t expect Obama will even hint at restricting them. Rifle ammo, maybe. But not the firearms.

Such ignorance! Why aren’t they embarrassed to have their words seen or heard in public?


2 thoughts on “Facts? Who cares?

  1. “Such ignorance! Why aren’t they embarrassed to have their words seen or heard in public?”

    They’re still getting reinforcement from the Old (and dying) Media and from small peer groups. As you’ve detailed in the past, you can believe anything if you get regular reinforcement. On that note; have you seen the films from the circa 1950s alien abduction clubs? These people would get together and tell one another about their alien abduction experiences– how they were taken to Jupiter, Venus, and such, what the aliens looked like, how they acted and so on. Some were taken out of the solar system, and naturally the aliens spoke English and in the frequency range of human hearing, etc.. ‘Course that was before we knew how inhospitable and deadly our other planets really are. They were more than happy to relate their “experiences” in front of the cameras. It’s embarrassing, but very instructive in human psychology.

    More conservative web sites should be posting those old film clips, along with the one showing a young woman in orgasm over having seen the great Adolf Hitler in person. I’ve tried to find the latter myself, with no success so far.

  2. So in Iowa when you bring up guns, all you hear about is the raccoon someone shot, and in Chicago, when you bring up guns, all you hear about is the cousin that someone shot.

    Now tell me again, slowly, using short words, what’s wrong with Iowa?

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