“I am a Hunter”

I’d read some of her work in the past and been impressed. Brigid’s home on the range – guns and gourmet cooking from a small homestead in the MidwestOleg Volk posted a link to her site recently.  Most of what she writes comes out like poetry.  This was very good;

I am not a tree hugger. Not for me the granola fueled protests to save the spotted owl. Growing up in the mountains of the wilderness, I appreciate a tree in the form of a pile of two by fours as well as in it’s original state. I do not think the trees are the home of sentient druid spirits, nor do the trees speak to me; but I am pleased to take shelter under or in their branches, reinforced in the smallness of my form next to their trunks, smiling as the branches separate me from the chatter of the world that echoes outside the woods. There, branches are what conceal me as I wait for my prey, like any animal, participating in the cycle of the food chain. I am an omnivore and those less equipped than I, forget that at their peril. It is the bringing home of sustenance. Bringing home, not a trophy so much as a sign of provision, that those that work and strive will be rewarded with a full belly and warmth.

It’s a nice change from reading about the downfall of our Republic.  She’s a prolific writer too, so you’re in good shape if you need a lot of distraction.