The anti-Christ

First I would like to draw your attention to SayUncles post that we have an extraordinary number of news stories about Obama’s inauguration. I would like to further point out the following:

There were one or more songs written just for this inauguration. There were “Inauguration Cupcakes” in my company cafeteria!

It was a “religious experience” for a lot of people. Of course they overlook that “Barack Hussein Obama” can be rewritten as “Barack Hussei Nobama” which is obviously a synonym for “666”.

I think I need to buy more ammo and explosives.


5 thoughts on “The anti-Christ

  1. Well, you know what they say: “There’s no such thing as having too much ammo!”

    Oh, OT, and don’t answer if it’s not prudent to do so, but; can Boomerite be touched off by other means than fast-moving bullets? Say, a shotgun primer heated electrically?

    Oh again, Rivrdog has gone password-protected on his blog, until he edits it to purge sentiments which might be mis(or properly)construed by the powers that be.

  2. I’d call it more of a cult than a religion, but the distinction is often minor. Maybe we could interest them all in a nice parcel of land, you know, down in Guyana.

  3. And nobody ever mentions that you can re-arrange the letters in his name to:
    Bush Amoeba Air Snack
    Ban Basic Ham Oak User

    I think its a mainstream media conspiracy to keep these facts from the eyes of the public!

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