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[T]he NCVS [National Crime Victimization Survey] and researchers have concluded that women who offer no resistance are 2.5 times more likely to be seriously injured than women who resist their attackers with a gun. While the overall injury rate for both men and women was 30.2%, only 12.8% of those using a firearm for self-protection were injured. Subjective data from the 1994 NCVS reveals that 65 percent of victims felt that self-defense improved their situation, while only 9 percent thought that fighting back caused them greater harm.

M. Carol Bambery
Brief of amicae curiae 126 women state legislators and academics in support of respondent.
[John Fogh said it a little more succinctly with, ‘Nothing says, “Please don’t rape me.” like multiple jacketed hollowpoints.’ But some people prefer to see the details.–Joe]


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  1. If it doesn’t support the anti self defense, anti gun position, it is known as “flawed data” or “flawed research” etc. Plus, I’ll bet you could probably find at least one conservative and/or one gun owner who worked on the NCVS, hence the NCVS can be safely dismissed out of hand as being the result of a “conflict of interest” probably supported by “special interests” and “big money lobbyists” such as the NRA. Besides; we all know that a gun cannot possibly ever be used to defend life, as it will only be taken from you and used against you.

    So you can quote your facts all you want, but everyone (even the feminist movement) knows that women have no right to armed self defense, as that would merely result in an escallation of the violence, and we all know that violence never, ever solves anything. It is much better to think nice thoughts when being attacked. Besides, if you ever think you’ll be attacked in any way, you’re being paranoid, and the last thing we need are a bunch of paranoid gun owners running around looking for someone to shoot. You get a room full of those people together and they’re all going to end up shooting each other (come to think of it, maybe that would be a good thing). Since gun owners are responsible for all the violence in the first place, without them there would be “Peace” and there would be “Unity”.

  2. Fist off your comments above are a joke right? This is my experiences with women and guns.

    My wife introduced me to firearms 20 years ago. She had a friend who was raped in front of her husband, who was then beaten to death with a frying pan. She was also beaten badly but lived. It actually made the local news!

    So my better half says that will never happen to YOU OR me while we live in this neighborhood (she owned a gun). We were latter trained by a professional gun instructor and a close friend.

    Out of all that gun training the most important thing I learned was not gun related. Our friend/trainer said “just don’t ever open your front door”. Men seem to think we have to open it, to be tough / women always think it would be rude not to open it, is what he told us. So I installed a peephole.

    After that I would get some junkie/scumbag who would see me working at my home office late at night. I did taxes so during the season I could only get work done after midnight. They could see the light was on. Then at 2:00 AM THEY (white,black,latinos all look the same when they have run out their drug of choice) would knock on the door and claim they were in a accident etc. So I would say “I will call the police for you”, they would say it was not that bad etc. So then I would take my pump action shot gun, pump it once and ask loudly but politely “MAY I HELP YOU”. It was fascinating what happened next, not one of them heard what I said,they just ran. They just heard me raking the slide on a unloaded weapon ( I had a loaded one, but you never play with a loaded weapon).

    This became so usual for our house that my wife would not even wake up anymore.

    Than we got two Rottweilers and everything changed. They are the sweetest dogs ever, great with kids etc. But they are protective. And only we know how sweet they are. They will bark at you, because they want to see you so much! People mean love and petting. But you really have to know the breed to understand this. That is why they have there tails cut when young (I don’t agree with the practice), no tail, no waging if happy or tail between legs as sign of fear.

    Oh I used to live in Berkeley (bad neighborhood) now I live close but in a different city no more bad neighborhood.

    I proudly believe in the 2nd amendment.

    I think many of you all would be surprised by how much support for guns rights lives in Berkeley. It is a silent majority! People won’t tell you but they don’t want the government messing with their guns either.

    Sorry I went on for so long. My guess about Obama, the man is our president, he did not get that way by taking on losing battles. Also he only wants everyone on board from all sides to help pass the biggest $ bills ever. I think messing with peoples gun rights is far down his list.



  3. I know– it’s often difficult to tell the difference between the anti-gun mindset and a joke.

  4. I lived in Berkeley too long. So I have had arguments with people like Lyle’s joke. Eventually they would waver because no one had ever questioned their anti gun right beliefs. Or my head would just explode from trying to talk sense into them. Have you ever seen the horror movie “Scanners” well that was me!


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