For what purpose?

One has to wonder why someone wants the answer to the search query posed below (“best ammunition for penetrating body armor”).

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It is from within the People Republic of Massachusetts so I can see why it might be a legitimate question.


3 thoughts on “For what purpose?

  1. The query, “best ammunition for penetrating body armor” would only come from a newbie gunner, non-gunner or anti-gunner. Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of such things already knows that just about any modern deer hunting rifle round will penetrate most body armor (by “modern” I mean metalic cartridges starting around the year 1894, as opposed to the bigger, softer, slower projectiles from traditional muzzle loaders, and even then, 2000+ FPS is quite achievable with your great, great, great, great granddaddy’s flintlock longrifle). Then there’s always G. Gordon Liddy’s famous suggestion.

    The querry would also have come from someone slightly ignorant of how google works.

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