I heard McCain talking today

… on the Glen Beck radio show.  If you know Glen Beck at all, you know he’s a capitalist.  He gets it.  In discussing the “Bail out” scam, he asked McCain why he voted for it the second time, after having opposed it earlier and after decrying earmarks and pork.  Now, I’d say it was a dumb question, because there is no possible decent answer other than, “I’m a sucker and I have no principles.  What can I say?”  Taking probably his best way out, McCain answered, and I paraphrase;

“Everyone was telling me it was the right thing to do.”

Now that’s leadership, baby!  Wow, what balls!  Everyone told him to do it.  And just who is this Everyone person?  I’d like to meet him.  We’ve known McCain for a long time, so this is nothing unexpected.  Apparently this Everyone person is a lot smarter and a more forceful decision-maker, ’cause he turned McCain around on a dime.

We are so screwed.

And for those who think it untimely of me to bring this up right before the election; I see it as a matter of how quickly we’re gonna get screwed, so it’s hard to keep a dog in this fight.  Frog-in-the-pot model and all.  It’s McCain’s to lose.  Hopefully this Everyone person, whom he trusts more than himself, will give him some better advice in the coming weeks.