Gun safety–what media bias?

What news organization would call the KKK and their ilk “public safety groups”? Don’t these groups think of themselves as protecting their white women from being raped or “polluting the race”? They were bigots and most of the press treats them like bigots. Yet we get this crap from a major newspaper, the Washington Post, where the anti-gun organizations are referred to as “gun safety groups” six times in the article. These are organizations that have never taught a single person a gun safety class. Having probably taught millions of people gun safety and with it’s 50,000 instructors it’s the NRA that is the leading gun safety group in this country and probably the world.

And I “love” this comment to the article:

How to spot an NRA member:
-lives anywhere South of DC or West of Pennsylvania, but east of California.
-Especially between Virginia and Texas
-sports mullet
-drives an old beat up pick up truck with bumper sticker that says “keep honking im reloading”
-still lives with mom at age 30
-lives in a trailer
-thinks voting 4 Bush is a good idea because he will make guns easier to obtain
-trash can filled with Bud cans
-wears an old faded out cap with a nascar logo
-reeks of the smell of urine and booze


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  1. Hmmm….I’m an NRA life member. I work for the same company as Joe. I have an MBA. No mullet. Used to live in cosmopolitan NYC, but left a few years ago to someplace south of DC. I own my home (something I couldn’t manage in NY), I don’t live with my parents, and the house doesn’t have wheels on it. I don’t drink Bud. I’ll plead guilty to the NASCAR logo, though. (I’m from Charlotte, after all.)

    My four year old, incidentally, is also an NRA Life member. She hasn’t smelled like pee for a few years now. 🙂

  2. How can one be a “spy”–or the more gentle “informant’–if the organizations in question are attempting to influence public policy? (Public policy: widely and falsely believed to be above constitutional law.) The activities of both of these groups should be public knowledge.

    “How to spot an NRA member:

    -lives anywhere South of DC or West of Pennsylvania, but east of California.

    -Especially between Virginia and Texas”

    I live in Connecticut.

    “-sports mullet”

    I have a close-cropped haircut.

    “-drives an old beat up pick up truck with bumper sticker that says ‘keep honking im reloading'”

    I have a Hyundai with no bumper stickers.

    “-still lives with mom at age 30

    -lives in a trailer”

    I own my own home. Well, technically. The all-powerful state tells me what to do with my property.

    “-thinks voting 4 Bush is a good idea because he will make guns easier to obtain”

    Got me there. I thought Bush was a passable idea, until I saw the contempt with which his administration treats anything but duck hunters. (Even quail hunters get a load of shot in the face.)

    “-trash can filled with Bud cans”

    Filled with Hoppe’s-soaked patches.

    “-wears an old faded out cap with a nascar logo”

    I don’t wear a baseball cap.

    “-reeks of the smell of urine and booze”

    Occasionally I smell like the latter. Mostly I smell like nitro and kerosene.

    The former is more reminiscent of an odor that wafts from the britches of a hoplophobe, after spotting a shape that somewhat resembles a gun-ish object.

    How to Spot a Hoplophobe:

    -point finger in air, with thumb oriented upward; say “ka-pow”

    -look for members of audience with brown and yellow stains in buttocks and groin area; will usually be in fetal position and sucking thumb

  3. “-lives anywhere South of DC or West of Pennsylvania, but east of California.”

    I live in Nevada, just east of Kalifornia.

    The quote above is eroneous big time. There are by far more “gun” owners in Kalifornia than any other state. Kalifornia also has a huge percentage of “destructive devices” and machine guns. Most legally too.

    The true native Californian is not a liberal. The liberals in Kalifornia came from the north east part of the country.

    Illegal Kalifornia gun owner group:

    There are also quite a large number of criminals in the big cities of Kalifornia with fire arms. These are stolen and brought in from Mexico, China and other countries. Liberals see these ‘gun’ carrying creeps as just immigrants protecting their property.

  4. I live in New York.

    I have a shaved head.

    I’m not white.

    I live in an apartment in a two family house. And I live alone.

    I don’t drink Bud anymore – those effing sellouts. I’m back to drinking good old Yeungling – the oldest brew in America.

    I drive a fairly new pickup truck.

    The only bumper stickers on my car have the initials U.S.M.C. on them (not for me; for my brother in the Marine Corps).

    :::sniffing myself::: I don’t reek of booze or urine.

    They’re all a bunch of effing morons talking out of their a$$es. There, how’s THAT for a generalization???

  5. All the article says to me is, “We’re still the Washington Post, i.e. we still have a searing-hot contempt for America.”

  6. Could somebody somewhere post all of the comments on that one?

    I tried to look at them, and then was told, even after turning Javascript on, that I needed to reset my browser’s security settings to “Drop trousers, bend over, and grease up.”

    Other newspaper sites don’t seem to have a problem with people looking at them with normal browser settings.

  7. What Terry said, but I’m in California.
    I’ve lived in the DC area and I’m glad I left – evidently it hasn’t changed in thirty years despite everybody’s best and sincere effort to skim money from the government. Nothing about Best Practices in effect either.

    I’ve never been to Texas – or Florida, or Maine/New Hampshire/Vermont – whatever – I thought New York City sucked and Philadelphia only slightly better.
    Mullets are illegal in CA except in Lake County. Mullets are mandatory in Philly if I remember correctly – has that changed at all?
    My spotless new truck will do 100mph while playing Vivaldi at a rational level.
    I owned my own home by the time I was 30.
    In Silicon Valley. In SV there are no trailers, except in Sunnyvale.
    Voting for Bush was better and more genuine effort than the thickly pompous self-aggrandizing blowhard Gore, or the effette snotty fauxman Kerry – or for Feinstein/Pelosi/Boxer/Communists.
    Trash-can (private dumpster) filled with Birra Moretti from Italy this week.
    My hat says Major League Infidel, or Noveske – or Brownell’s (thanks Larry!).
    “reeks of the smell of” is a double infinitive – bad grammar anyhow, and smelling bad and bad grammar are not allowed in Silicon Valley – when a guy with an Indian accent and three PhD’s can do it right you’d better too.

    I built my own AR and it’s legal. The laws are so screwed-up it’s amazing, but they have amazing gaps and loopholes you can drive an AR through if you want, and do it sideways.
    Lotta Californians carry concealed despite local ordinances to the contrary, as a function of “better to be judged by twelve than carried by six” – my brother always did when he worked in Oakland and San Leandro, some places just dictate that the “fashion accessory” be nickle steel.
    We have a lot of noncompliance, however the same attitude that drives that also drives non-voting IMO .

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