One thought on “Kevin Baker on hate

  1. “…the Left has nothing to offer that any adherent of freedom wants.”

    That pretty well sums it up.

    What if there’s a real “devil”, that is to say, something truly destructive? Can we fight against it without being accused of creating it as a Straw Man?

    Then we come back around to Ayn Rand’s rule; When opposing individuals or groups have clearly and openly defined principles, it is the more consistent and rational who wins. The challenge then is to know your principles and keep them open and in the clear. That is, if you actually have any principles and if they’re any good. If you’re on the left, your challenge is to keep your principles, motivations and intentions from showing.

    Those on the side of liberty have a far easier job in an open debate, it’s just a matter of realizing it. So far I’m not seeing any politicians who understand any of this. Reagan did– sort of, but as whatshisname said; “The era of Reagan is over.” For the time being he would appear to be correct.

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