Quote of the day–Eric Zorn

Here are six reasons I’m wary of gun buybacks, such as the one scheduled for Saturday in Chicago in which those who turn in firearms at any of 25 locations get a $100 prepaid credit card per gun, no questions asked:

  1. I can’t imagine criminals disarming themselves for a lousy $100.
  2. I don’t see the economic sense of offering law-abiding people a flat fee for their guns.
  3. I worry about buyback programs subsidizing crime and weapons traffic.
  4. I can’t find much evidence that buybacks are effective.
  5. I’m not convinced that buybacks get “problem” guns off the streets.
  6. I hear in Mayor Richard Daley’s arm-flapping jibber-jabber on this point an admission that the buyback is simply a feel-good program to make citizens believe the city is actually doing something to reduce gun violence.

Eric Zorn
July 23, 2008
Hard to find good reason to buy back guns
[There is much more in the original article, including support for each of his reasons and this Webliography of gun buy-back programs. He left out one of my favorites though. The bigots have to twist the language in order for this to even begin to make sense. This isn’t a “buyback”. The government is not buying back guns it previously sold. It is offering token compensation for the surrender of a specific constitutionally enumerated right that only a sucker would accept.–Joe]