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The other day I provided a link to a blog post Sebastian had found. The post and particularily the comments were filled with some of the most vile bigotry toward gun owners, particularily women, I have ever seen. Tonight I stumbled across more bigotry examples. These were about some of the pictures in the book Armed America:


HAHAHA What a bunch of nut jobs! No wonder there are so many shootings in America


Freaks!!!!!!!! What a bunch of nut jobs!!!!!
Redneck Hillbillies!!!!!!!!!
Thats “the bible belt” in pictures!!!!


WOW … now i see true face of democracy. long live moronity!


A lot of small cocks. no?

I have a brain…

Poor America ! Why do you need all these toys ? Is it that difficult to defend yourself with words ? Is violence the only language you understand ?

I like the pictures of the kids holding the guns… Bowling for Columbine… remember ??? Are you, americans (lowercase) shocked when a riffle occurs ? Well… you now know how it is so easily possible !

Dear americans, don’t be sad when you’re shot… America provides you with the guns !!!

NRA can be proud, they have made a good brainwashing ! And they make a good money on your back…

A European with a brain !


Conservative Muslim Redneck hillbilly gun owner.
Different Regions. Different Cultures. Different Background.
!!!!But they look just the same!!!!!!!! It’s amazing!!!!!

Happy not being American

yet more American ego macho wank. No wonder you kill yourselves so frequently… fucking retards.

Nice pictures.

Spitz R. S. Wallows

Anyone that would pose their child with a gun needs their testicles cut out.

Is there any doubt why most of the world considers Americans freaks?

Some of the most disturbing pictures I have ever seen.

America is phucked.

They aren’t all bad. But my friend Ry (14th pic) is singled out in one of the nicer comments:


Most of the people in the photos are just collectors. You have to admit it beats the hell out of beanie babies. The guy in the 14th pic is a little scary though.

Americans were given the right to own guns as a way to keep the government from screwing them. (A fat lot of good it did!)

It makes me feel like I was back in grade school when I would explain something to the teacher or to the class and I got called names and was picked on by some of the other kids. The truth does not matter. All that matters is that the attackers find a way to feel superior to their victims. I had no way, no language, no words, no physical acts to rectify the situation. These people do not want to face reality and therefore they cannot be forced to face reality. Perhaps that is a major component to most bigotry.


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  1. The good thing is I’ve learned to simply not care. These people writhe with hate but even in their agony they extend their hands to accept our monies and charities. In fact, when all else fails, the entire world looks to America to keep it safe and economically sound.

  2. When trouble comes, who you gonna call? America
    Where do many people want to be? America
    Who is first to help in disaster? America
    Who has the most open and free society in the world? America

    Self deluded and ignorant subjects those Europeans are. We saved them from their own nationalism, their economic idiocy, and continue to prop them up on the world stage as being relevant. Not that Americans are perfect by any means but they have seen tyrants take over in recent history and most just bent over and said thank you. Buzz off.

  3. Yeah, that guy called “Delaware’s Toughest Blogger” is just like saying “the biggest pimple on my ass”.
    Trust me, all the chemicals from duPont leaching into the water all these years have really messed that place up.

  4. I recall that the author had a difficult time getting people to allow photos with their guns in their homes. This is the reason why.

    It seems ok with photos with your friends, but they do get posted online and then get linked and then the people, who think we are crazy, see your friend with the nice collection and think arsenal and worry all those weapons will be aimed at them.

    The first link you had, many gun right bloggers, posted the link to Breda and Squeaky. Personally if I had a blog I would not like traffic from those bigots driven to my site.

    I know that folks who that are into cowboy shoots and enjoy the fun, but there are people who will ridicule that and make fun of people. In a magazine that catered to those sports the photos are OK but when it gets to those who portray us as fanatics and dangerous not so good.

    Breda has a lot of personal info and it is not that difficult to find out whom she is and her location has been posted with photos of her house. I am sure that she would not like it if crazy bigoted people decided to target her. That happened to Michelle Malkin and she moved to escape that.

    I just want people who are ardent supporters to realize that it is not always wise to tell all to the Internet and those who disagree with us. Call me paranoid, but there have been cases where a 16 year old posted a picture on myspace of his room with lots of weapons spread around him as he laid on the floor. That young man was tracked arrested and parents charged with some charge. I do not know if they got convicted but why incur the legal expense? There was the case of an Asian man, student at VT that had photos on face book or myspace with his black rifles. At the time they were trying to identify Cho and he was found on the Internet, His house was raided, computer taken, and property taken. He was released but that experience should be a wake up call to those who are proud of their sport of the danger of posted photos on the net to be used by those who are against those sports.

    By the way I loved the photo of your daughter with the rifle. But I would never post a picture of a young child under 12 with a gun. There are many who would say that a parent is creating a dangerous environment and use that in a CPS action, which does not follow normal criminal law.

    This is just a caution to our friends of possible dangers that cannot be handled with a weapon.

  5. Bah, RAH, I blog under my name, people know I’m in the Tampa area, they know I have firearms, and honestly, I don’t care. 20 minutes of talking around and you’ll be able to get my phone number, my license tag, and my most recent play list on my MP3 player.

    I’ve posted pictures of my 6 year old daughter, Georgia, holding an AR-15 in 6.8 SPC.

    Malkin is a high profile person. Breda, Squeaky, and myself aren’t. And any of those bigots would have to be suicidal to try to attack someone who they believe would kill them (that’s what they say all the time, isn’t it?).

  6. “Perhaps that is a major component to most bigotry.”

    That, plus plain old fashioned ignorance, and strength in numbers. One bigot will usually keep his mouth shut, or wonder about his feelings, but a hundred million bigots makes a large support group.

    Anyone, anyone at all, who was raised in the public school system, who grew up watching ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, et al, reading People and Rolling Stone Magazine, etc., with no guidance or experience, will have that very same attitude. I had it myself for several years.

    RAH; Following your advice, we are too scared to show ourselves. We loose by default. The bad guys are controlling us. The worst among us dictate the terms. That is the reasoned, cautious, perfectly sensible and prudent language of utter defeat. It’s the language of the slave, the serf and the concentration camp inmate. This Land of the Free cannot sustain itself all by its own momentum– it must also be, and remain, the Home of the Brave.

    Let my enemies be afraid. Let ignorance be afraid of knowledge. Let bigotry be afraid of reason. Let advocates of servitude be afraid of liberty. That is as it should be. Let them cower in the woodwork of society where they belong. Let them be the ones forced to answer for themselves– for their ignorance, their blind anti-American hate, their weakness of mind, their vitriol, and most especially their envy. Let them stumble and fall under the spotlight, trying to justify their prejudice and their ignorance. I have a life to live and it’s not going to be dictated to me by my lessers.

  7. Interesting too, isn’t it, how often we see sexual taunts or fantasies of sexual mutilation from the antis? How many times have we heard; “Oh yeah? Well you have a small dick!” or “Obviously you are compensating for something” or “You should have your balls cut off”?

    Weird. I don’t know what it means exactly (I’m not as psychiatrist) but it is fairly common, not only in reference to guns, but fast cars, motorcycles, and other things perceived as “boy toys”. I’ve seen outrageous sexual insults and threats against Ann Coulter and Michelle Malkin too, just because of their political ideas.

    Maybe it’s just simple childishness, or raw envy, or projection, or maybe all of those, but, wow. What a way to “debate”.

  8. I can’t help but notice that Delaware’s Toughest Blogger lacks the balls to post his name. Like all anti-gun cuntboys, he has never held a job, lives with his fat whore of a mother, and fucks small children.

    All gun owners are rugged outdoor he-men. All gun control cunts are pedophilic pansy parasites.

  9. OK, now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, I saw the pictures of gun owners and saw very little evidence of weirdness among gun owners. The pictures were pretty much a cross-section of America, with gorgeous women, ugly women, handsome studs, ugly nerds, punk rockers, probable lesbians, beautiful happy families, ugly happy families, and average happy families. Actually, very few people I wouldn’t be willing to go shooting and have a beer with (in that order–I don’t shoot drunk).

  10. i’ll second Ken’s emotion about mr. Cassidy showing a cross-section of the country. take away the firearms, and you’d still have a series of well-taken photographs of middle America. other than that — Ry, you’re nowhere near as scary-looking as the goateed gentleman in that first picture…

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