Only if I can buy tags

New Jersey is so repressive toward gun owners that the only way I would willingly go into that hell hole is if I could buy tags, or preferably a license for varmints, to harvest politicians:

The 20-year-old sales clerk at a shop at Menlo Park Mall and former Middlesex County College student had a pellet handgun in the car, according to an indictment filed last week in Superior Court, New Brunswick.

Under a new state law, Narciso’s possession of the weapon qualifies as a Graves Act offense. Narciso could face what prosecutors and criminal defense attorneys call a “hard three,” meaning three years with no prospect of parole.


3 thoughts on “Only if I can buy tags

  1. The main reason for this can be drugs.Usually drug addicts needs money for drugs.These kind of people DO kill innocent people for money.but as I know the police and crime detectives in England are the best for these cases.They work in secret and move in herds.I dont think that it will take much time to handle these cases


  2. Sheeeeshhhhh!

    I think I was 11 or 12 when my dad bought me a .22 pellet handgun, same size & weight as .38 S&W.

    Would you really want to waste your time hunting these politicians? Their carcasses would be toxic waste.

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