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Have pity for the moderators here. I haven’t seen such a sh!tstorm descend on any one target since Jim Zumbo dined on his foot. Wow.

Nomen Nescio
Comment 285 at the ACLU blob post “Heller Decision and the Second Amendment”.
[Yup. The comments are moderated, probably to keep the spam out, and there are now 668 comments. I suspect there are a couple hundred more waiting for moderation. My count is two supported the ACLU, one was neutral, and 665 were negative. Plus there is a gathering storm in the comments to this post as well.–Joe]


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  1. Outstanding. Lonnie Wilson (from Seattle) was the first to let fly on the 4th of July post and it was glorious!

    Back when I had a blog (I took it down), I wrote how the main problem with the ACLU was that many, especially gun owners, felt betrayed by their stance in the 2nd Amendment. In essence, they say they are for something, and their actions proved otherwise. I was optimistic that they would redeem themselves after Heller but the affirmation of their stance was a new slap in the face, with new feelings of betrayal all over again. I can’t actually go over there and comment, I’m just too fundamentally pissed off.

    ACLU: Epic Fail.

  2. Pity? No. My pity is being saved for a time when the enemies of freedom are defeated, on their knees, begging. Then pity may be appropriate. Until then, I have no need of it, not if “pity” means backing off or pulling any punches.

    “Sh!tstorm? No. It is grassroots activism at its best. It is the voice of the American people. It is We The People, with the First Amendment, working in favor of the Second and of all the other Rights. It is a breath of fresh air in a fetid political environment.

  3. Well I am one of Joe’s classmates from 35 years of being a Maniac in North Central Idaho. Joe and Barb are very devoted to family and freinds ,His realationship with this area will never disolve. Joe was one of the most inteligent classmates in our State. Leave it up to him to come up with a stress relief like the BOOMER SHOOT to enable others to have a haven to come to Joe and Barb Its a pleasure to know you two are true blue Maniacs, with a love for an area of the US that is still part of the Ols West keep up with your dreams
    Les Schilling

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