Snuffy is at it again

Now he has published a list:

In May of 2007, Rev. Michael Pfleger, Pastor of Chicago’s St. Sabina’s Catholic Church, shocked the nation when he called for the “snuffing” of legislators who vote against gun control bills.

Late last week, Pfleger raised the bar on this issue by publishing a list of members of the Illinois General Assembly who oppose his extremist position on gun control.  In light of his May 2007 diatribe, it must be presumed that the list identifies those legislators that Pfleger wants his followers to “snuff.”


“It’ll be interesting to see how brave Pfleger is when he has to come face to face with the lawmakers he’s marked for murder,” said Pearson.



One thought on “Snuffy is at it again

  1. Well I posted on their site “what will they snuff them with—– bad words? Doubt it’ll get posted. What would you bet that if anyone on the list gets “snuffed” by some kind of machine assualt type 50cal.sniper thingmajig the cops won’t look at him for inciteing to murder.

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