This one is for Sean

Sean said he has a dream. Now he just has to get a really big bonus this fall so he can bring it to Boomershoot 2009.

Mobile Tactical High Energy Laser (6 MB WMV).

Boomershoot enthusiast, Bruce, sent this to me. He wants one for the flat trajectory when shooting squirrels.

4 thoughts on “This one is for Sean

  1. Try again. I noticed it a minute or two after I posted it, fixed it, but the blog software apparently didn’t actually update the webstore. If it still doesn’t work use this link.

  2. Now there’s a frickin’ LASER BEAM!

    Looks like I’d need to resever several postitions.

    I imagine other shooters would be nervous if we set up in the parking area and shot over their heads.

    I derive a certain writerly satisfaction that this is pretty much exactly what I had in mind for the opening battle of my unproduced, and mostly unread, superhero screenplay, ‘The Atlantean’.

  3. Maybe one of those handheld green lasers* could be hooked up to some remote-controlled motors… It might be possible to shoot down a cheap toy helicopter.

    *The kind of pen lasers that can light a cigar or pop a balloon. Not the pointing kind.

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