I’ve changed my mind on microstamped bullets

After doing some thinking on the topic of microstamped bullets I’ve changed my opinion. I was vehemently opposed and couldn’t imagine this would catch on. I was wrong on both accounts. I now think it is a great idea and I think it will do exceptionally well and will be accepted by the majority of shooters.

What I realized was the company pushing this (see Sebastian’s post) was trying to use a government mandate instead of the free market. Which, of course, is nearly always a recipe for disaster. They will get much greater market acceptance with a free market approach.

I think that there are a lot of people that would pay another penny per bullet for something like “Mist Maker” engraved on their Speer TNT bullets. I’d pay an extra $0.02 per bullet so I could load up 9mm jacketed hollow points inscribed with “Please Don’t Rape” for the women in my life to carry. In my case even at an extra $0.05 per bullet I’d order 1000 Berger .308 caliber 210 Grain Match VLD’s engraved with Μολὼν λαβέ.


8 thoughts on “I’ve changed my mind on microstamped bullets

  1. hmmmm…. I’m not a big fan of anything that makes my ammo more expensive.

    Would you like to bet that Lake City Arsenal would be “exempted” because when you raise the cost of a bullet by even a penny, that is serious money when the DOD is involved. 10 million rounds isn’t so big an order.


  2. In a free market you get to choose the unstamped, an etching of your face or anything in between. Keep the government out of it. It’s none of their business.

  3. If you get the .308 let me know, i will help off set the cost, i know a few people that would love a few boxes of them. (insert evil grin here)

  4. When done like this, I don’t mind the engraving.

    But here in Illinois, there is a bill to require ever bullet to have a different serial number engraved in it and then the numbers registered to the purchaser.

    There has been rumor that it could cause a box of 50 .45ACP’s to cost over $200.

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