Quote of the day–Rick Seley

A few years ago this would have seemed like a scene from behind the Iron Curtain or some futuristic George Orwell movie, but in our post-9/11 world it was just a Tuesday at the Reno airport. As silly and un-American as it all sounds, I do it because I want to do my part to help the good folks at Homeland Security keep our country safe; that and because they will pull me aside for a cavity search if I don’t.

Rick Seley
January 19, 2008, 12:05 AM
What’s up with our Homeland Security?
[Think about it. What would you have thought had someone told you that in order to use common, public accessable, transportation you would have to take off your coat, hat, shoes, and submit to being patted down by a government official before you proceed? And that there would be lines of hundreds of people ready to submit to this at every boarding station? It is a scene from behind the Iron Curtain or a Orwellian movie and we have meekly granted them permission to do it.–Joe]