Redefining themselves

This is actually old news but I read it again here and it pissed me off again.

Fifteen states have closed what gun safety advocates call the “gun show loophole.”


…gun safety advocates using federal statistics showing a significant portion of private gun show sales wind up in criminals’ hands.

“Gun safety advocates”?

Since when are people advocating gun safety concerned with firearm sales at gun shows?

Of course they aren’t “gun safety advocates” they are gun restriction advocates. They are just trying to redefine themselves, with the help of the media, to be something less offensive. Sort of like a KKK member turning in his white sheets and pillow cases for something with a floral pattern.

Maybe it’s just me because I listen to words carefully and take them literally but I hear this sort of thing from salesmen sometimes. They say things that are almost half true and deliberately intended to be misleading. I immediately suspect everything they say and know they cannot be trusted with anything. I resist the urge to punch them out, glare at them, and walk away checking my wallet to make sure they haven’t lifted it. Unfortunately with the anti-gun bigots they are selling their bigotry to lawmakers who will use violence against those of us who are the targets of their irrational hatred.

But these bigots have reached their zenith and we are now winning. We just need to keep them on the run and politically exterminate them. Don’t let them redefine themselves. Just because their sheets are a floral design rather than white doesn’t mean they won’t lynch us if they get the chance.


One thought on “Redefining themselves

  1. I noticed the use of “significant portion” too. That can be any number, any small fraction, but it makes it sound just like “a majority”. Yet they don’t explain how the Constitution states that the ebb and flow of crime statistics are supposed to affect our ability to exercise our rights.

    A significant number of knives sold this year will end up cutting humans, and many of those will be used to kill.

    A significant number of politicians will commit rape in the coming years.

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