In Search of the Second Amendment

Anyone with a cursory interest in the Second Amendment can find a lot about the Original Intent of the Framers with just a few quick internet searches and a few minutes of reading.  Why then would we need an exhaustive documentary on it?  Because so many people, knowing what it means and hating it, attempt to deny it using all manner of silly rationalizations.

Now we can drive those people crazy (or bring their already existing craziness into the full light of day) while educating those who are willing.  I just ordered four copies– one to keep, two to give to friends, and one to donate to our local public school library (heh).  (The “heh” is there because, as we all know, most people in our public school system will go bananas over anything that shows even a hint of tolerance or acceptance of gun rights.  60 years ago however, there were still quite a few gun ranges on public school property, so the statement that one would donate literature regarding the original intent of the Framers of our Constitution would have been seen in the appropriate light– as a nice gesture, rather than an attack on their politics.)

Joe and I watched the documentary at his discrete, undisclosed, hardened & secured, intimidating underground bunker facility last month, and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed in this work of scholarly excellence.