New trainer of death

Fellow blogger here at The View From North Central Idaho, Lyle @ UltiMak, took Thursday off from work to drive to the Seattle area to spend three very long days becoming a NRA (apex of the Triangle of Death) certified firearms instructor. Not only is he a trained killer he is now a certified trainer of killers–to hear what the Brady Bunch and others think of us.

I thought maybe he would mention it after he recovered from his grueling four day weekend (one day of travel then three days of instruction) but since he hasn’t I’ll at least bring up the topic. Maybe Lyle will elaborate on it later.

He didn’t return home back in eastern Washington until well after midnight early Monday morning. You have to admire that level of commitment of time and money. And you know it wasn’t so he could teach people how to kill. It was so he could instruct people in Personal Protection.


4 thoughts on “New trainer of death

  1. When I get my official certification, I’ll be qualified to teach NRA Basic Pistol and NRA Home Firearm Safety.

    Their courses are regimented, carefully planned, and I think effective. The NRA “Total Participation Involvement” teaching method and lesson plan structure was done as someone’s doctoral thesis and it has since been widely adopted by other interests.

    I must say I have found new respect for the NRA. I learned a lot about them I never knew– a lot that their phone solicitors never talk about when they call.

    I’m still waiting for the payola from them, however. Like 99.999% of all other members, I pay them; not the other way around. You antis out there may want to think about that for a bit. Most of the NRA’s money has been donated in very small amounts from a very large number of people over the course of more than 130 years.

  2. Well remember the Basic course outlines are just that, & it’s up to you to build your course, as I tell my Intructors this is the framework, it’s up to you to build the rest.
    Follow the outline but make it Lyle’s course

  3. Roger that, Duck.

    I guess I’m not only at the apex of the “Triangle Of Death” now, I may also be considered as being at the lower right-hand corner. Though we’re not a gun dealer, we do sell accessories, or as I like to call them– enhancements.

    Now there’d be a worthy goal– try to get yourself into all three corners of the Triangle Of Death. Gun dealers and NRA members: Run for Congress! Then you could pay yourself, to lobby yourself, to convince yourself to pass laws favoring your own freedom!

  4. Lyle,
    I agree with Duck. I’ve rearranged the course a bit myself, and added experiences and tidbits that I’ve adapted from courses I’ve taken. I also have suggested reading for many of the course elements. I sent you an e-mail with an additional offer.


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