On our way home

Gun Blogger Rendezvous 2007 is now over and Barb and I are sitting in the airport waiting to board. I probably averaged about five hours of sleep each night and I haven’t had any caffeine for several days now. I’m starting to crash from the prolonged excitement and fun as well as the less than normal amounts of sleep.

I have 299 pictures from the event. I shared most of them with The AnarchAngel, Sebastian, Uncle, The Conservative UAW Guy, and KevinKeewee, Mr. Completely and US Citizen took a bunch of pictures too so look around if I don’t post enough for you.

Update: Our flight has been delayed a few minutes. You can track our flight back to Seattle in near real time here.


4 thoughts on “On our way home

  1. It was a real pleasure to meet you and Barb at the Rendezvous, and I’m sorry I missed-out on the .300 WinMag at 953-yards!! I posted a few pics of the view from the valley-floor, and through the spotting scope.

  2. If I make it to Boomershoot I’ll bring it along to see how well open sights work (since I don’t have any scoped rifles)! 😉

  3. You’ll need to crunch a bunch of numbers on the ammo you bring to make sure the bullets will retain enough velocity to detonate the targets. Plan on having 1500 fps at the target.

    Targets are about 1 MOA and optics are required for most people. If your vision is above average then you might be okay.

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