Gun Blogger Rendezvous 2006 story

This is the story I heard at Gun Blogger Rendezvous 2006 I most wanted to tell. I’m glad Uncle shared this in public so I could comment on it.

Basically, some people need to be shot. People that claim everyone is just like everyone else and predators just need to be “understood” or some such thing are ignorant. There are evil people that will never change and will be a threat to others as long as they are alive. Read the epiphany a former psychologist (Uncle) had when attempting to counsel one of these animals.

I don’t advocate individuals hunting these animals unless you have a license and tag. The premeditate taking of even sub-human life should be carefully considered with the appropriate checks and balances. Defending against an imminent or in progress attack from one of them is another matter. Remember the following four rules and repeatedly apply them until the threat is eliminated or you can no longer acquire a sight picture:

  1. Trigger prep
  2. Sight alignment
  3. Squeeze
  4. Follow through

6 thoughts on “Gun Blogger Rendezvous 2006 story

  1. I agree. These people should be eliminated.

    Bad seeds have always existed in human history, and they always will. There are evolutionary reasons for it — Professor Robert Hare, the authority on psychopaths, discusses the logic behind this in his books.

    Book tangent: Suggested reads for anybody remotely interested in self-defense — regardless of whether or not your pro/anti gun: _Snakes in Suits: When Psychopaths Go to Work_ and. . . _WITHOUT CONSCIENCE: The Disturbing World of Psychopaths Among Us_.

    But I disagree that these sorry sacks of cells should be shot. Wouldn’t you recommend other methods of eliminating evil sub-humans? Termination by way of shooting creates negative publicity for firearms.

  2. Stephanie, it depends on the circumstances. “Mother saves child from fate worse than death by ventilating child molester caught in the act” isn’t that bad of publicity. Remember, there are three types of homicide: 1) Felonious; 2) Justifiable; and 3) Praiseworthy.

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