Cop Threatens to Fabricate Charges, Then Lies

I found this at Say Uncle.

The video pretty well speaks for itself (the audio anyway– there’s not much to see).  Full transcripts are provided also.  I  truly did not believe what I heard the first time through: The cop actually threatened to fabricate charges against an innocent man because he dared to ask questions.  The cop then lied to a fellow officer, saying the motorist had been weaving and had failed to signal (he was driving perfectly and the signal indicator is clearly visible in the video).

Cops have to put up with a lot of really insane crap.  Having worked in the late-night music scene for many years, I’ve seen cops put up with the most outrageous behavior from people, and do it with amazing patience.  LEOs need to present a far more calm demeanor than the average person.  This cop on the other hand is a fight picker– a frustrated, undisciplined prick with a chip on his shoulder, and that is a disaster in the making.

The fact that our LEO said what he said, knowing he was being recorded, suggests he had reason not to worry much about being disciplined for it.  On the other hand, it seems the recording taken from his cruiser has turned up missing.  Put those two facts together and what do we have?  Was he contemplating the destruction of his victim’s recording?

Understand that when you’re out in the middle of the night this sort of thing is far more likely.

On a broader point: Our foolish “war on drugs” has led to far more abuse, as cops are looking out for drug deals and the like, with full knowledge of current forfeiture laws.  In this environment, “probable cause” has morphed from that-which-is-required-to-obtain-a-warrant-from-a-judge, into whatever-the-cop-decides-at-the-moment-is-cause-for-a-warrantless-search.  As with much of our Leftist speak, “Probable Cause” has taken a meaning opposite to its original.  It is now used to enable the exact abuse it was intended to prevent.

My experience with city and county law enforcement (north Idaho/Eastern Washington) has been pretty good over the years, and in most cases, very good, even when I was clearly in the wrong.  Lets hope it stays that way.  You get one retarded mayor or one bad sheriff at the next election, and things could go to hell fast.


2 thoughts on “Cop Threatens to Fabricate Charges, Then Lies

  1. Strangely enough, you usually end up with good cops in Dallas proper, but dirtballs like this out in the suburbs. The smaller the burb, the more likely you are to see this. The times that I have been stopped for traffic violations in Dallas, the cops have seemed almost ashamed at doing the tax collector things, while when I have had to deal with them in actual law enforcement situations (not the perp, yet) they have been professional. The burb cops, OTOH, seem to relish the tax collector gig.

  2. My experience with cops has always been within acceptable tolerances.

    There was once I thought the ISP officer might have been having a bad day but I can’t complain about my treatment.

    Another time I was sort of threatened with arrest after I made an innocent mistake. I mananged to talk my way out of it and mentally gave him a pass for being grumpy because I knew a fellow cop had been murdered the night before just a 100 yards away from where we were standing.

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