Quote of the day–Paul W. Cooper

The field of explosives engineering incorporates a broad variety of sciences and engineering technologies that are brought together to bear on each particular design problem. These technologies include chemistry, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, aerodynamics, mechanics, electricity, and electronics, and even meteorology, biology, and physiology.

Paul W. Cooper
Preface to Explosives Engineering
[Chemistry? Check. Thermodynamics? That class was lots of fun. I got an A+ in it. Fluid dynamics? Check. Aerodynamics? Check–see Modern Ballistics. Mechanics? Check, Electricity and electronics? I have a BSEE and MSEE. Meteorology? I’ll keep the explosive events to a size that shouldn’t be affecting the weather. Biology and physiology? Not particularly–That’s what the flak jacket, mask, gloves and apron are for–keeping explosives components, by-products, and accelerated objects out of my body.–Joe]