This is what you get in a police state

Big Brother gets to watch you in return for the false promise of increased security. From our worlds airports:

Faces are blurred, but not chests or crotches. Snoerwang said that was necessary because otherwise “women could just hide things by stuffing them in their bras.”

Snoerwang said the images generated by the machine were not like photographs.

“They’re kind of futuristic. There’s nothing sexy about it,” she said.

What does “nothing sexy” have to do with making it acceptable? And to who? There are people that find animals and fecal material sexy. Want to bet that there won’t be a culture of some sort of deviants built around these photographs? And there will be names attached to the photos as well. Names are checked on your ID just before you go into the machines. People watching the images will snap pictures with their cell-phones or other miniature image capturing devices and associate the picture with the name from their friend checking the ID.

It will do nothing to prevent determined people from getting weapons on board. It only will catch those that are careless. In the mean time airport security costs billions. The airplane security game cannot be won with the current assumptions. It’s time we considered the alternatives.