Quote of the day–Gun Guys

…it’s completely legal almost everywhere for any gun owner to sell a firearm to anyone else without any background check at all. If you have a gun, you can sell it at a gun show, through the newspaper, or even online, without any sort of background check at all.

It’s currently legal to own weapons like the .50 caliber sniper rifle, weapons that no civilian should ever be allowed to have.

Murder isn’t legal– unless you’re in a state with a License to Murder law, and you can claim that you “felt threatened” before you pulled the trigger.

In 48 states, it’s completely legal to tote around a loaded firearm beneath your clothes.

And yet none of these people have broken the law. They’re getting away with it– but because our laws are so loose, they’re doing it completely and totally legally.

Gun Guys
April 6, 2007
Via email with the subject: “Gun Guys: Getting Away With Not Breaking the Law”
[I find it very telling that he has a problem with people getting away with not breaking the law. It reminds me of this quote by Ayn Rand.–Joe]


2 thoughts on “Quote of the day–Gun Guys

  1. Those guys ought to change the name of the site to the ” Anti-Gun Guys.” They seem to enjoy the camoflage of sarcasm on their site for info purposes…

    Joe R.

  2. “…weapons that no civilian should ever be allowed to have.”

    Why the hell not? Whose country is this, anyway?

    What’s so bad about freedom that so many people have to fight so hard against it?

    One good thing about the internet is that we can more easily see who is a complete, anti American ignoramus and who is on the side of Liberty. Before, we had to look a lot harder.

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