Quote of the day–Lyle Keeney

It makes little difference how a bigot thinks, when it is plain that they are bigots.  Bigots must only be defeated.  Understanding what makes them tick is of purely academic interest.

Lyle Keeney
March 20, 2007
[I was initially going to disagree with a portion of this. I was thinking that knowing “what makes them tick” could be useful in defeating them. But then I realized that would only be useful in trying to get them to stop being a bigot. Defeating them is something different. Defeat involves making them social and political outcasts. This doesn’t involve converting them to a more open mindset. Until they want to be converted there is no point in trying to convert them. They will be a lot more motivated to change their ways when they realize society at large thinks of them as some sort of lower life form on the level of pond scum which is what we must work for to defeat these anti-gun bigots.–Joe]