The weakest link

I recently was given a tour of a “secure area”. For access it required your hand geometry biometric information, your RFID card, and your PIN. Or did it?

There were two bolts that connected the sliding door on it’s tracks. The removal of two nuts with a 11/16″ (I could be wrong on the size, I’ve been out of the farm shop too long for my eye calibration to be trusted) open end wrench would have allowed the door to be removed. It probably would take as much as a minute to remove the two nuts and the door and a similar amount of time to restore the door and other than the video camera in the area there would be no evidence of access to the “secure area”.

I pointed this out to my guide. They didn’t seem concerned, “That’s why we have other security measures such as the cameras.” Security is no stronger than the weakest link. The hand geometry sensor, RFID card, and PIN are easily bypassed. They don’t have “other security measures”. They have video cameras as their sole means of security.

And of course guns, even in the possession of the guards, were banned in the area.


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