Quote of the day–John Birch

For those of you who say the press is out to get us, I say NONSENSE. I have dealt with virtually every major news organization in the USA and certainly every credible media outlet in Illinois. I have always got a fair shake in the press. You just have to give the press a story. The anti-gunners are just plain better at doing that than gun owners. They bring heart rendering emotion to the debate, we bring facts and figures. One picture of a dead boy with a grieving mother beats a 1,000 John Lott’s.

John Birch
President Concealed Carry Inc.
December 5th, 2006
Concealed Carry, Inc. Closes Doors For Good
[The experience of Mr. Birch is consistent with mine–as long as you go to the press first. If they came to you after being alerted by the anti-gun bigots then you were at risk of being treated like Martin Luther King, Jr. at a Klan rally.–Joe]