Quote of the day–markm

Don’t worry (or get elated) until the Supreme Court grants cert – and I put the odds of that at 99:1 against. They’ve been ducking directly addressing the meaning of the 2nd for 70 years. In the last case where they did look at it, they sent the case back to a lower court for factfinding on whether Miller’s sawed off shotgun was a “militia weapon” – implying that Miller had an individual RKBA for anything that fit that description. (Except Miller was dead and his lawyer was unpaid, so the lower court hearing was never held.) Following that logic, when the army started widely issuing full-auto individual weapons, they became covered under the individual right protected by the 2nd, and the SC would rather refuse to hear cases forever than acknowledge that…

Comment to The Parker Case gets some WaPo Time at Say Uncle
[I’m not sure the odds are quite 99:1 but certainly they are not good. Markm has nailed the crux of the problem. More about this in my next post.–Joe]