Taking rights

Interesting point of view. He (or she) says the Democrats are too moderate. The Democrats have abandoned the left.

A truly left party would call for universal health care. It’s criminal to live in the richest country in the world and have 46 million people – 15 percent of the population – without health care. The last time Democrats controlled the executive branch, the Welfare to Work program passed. This bill created a slave class, eliminated union jobs and didn’t help anyone get off welfare.

Democrats merely represent a different sector of the elite. Most people are oblivious because elections focus on marginal issues. It’s no wonder that rich people have seen their wealth explode while working peoples’ wages have stagnated. What’s the moral? Don’t get involved in petty democratic politics. Forget the Young Democrats. Get involved in activism that matters, which is mostly activism that works outside the system. Remember, rights are not given; they are taken.

So what rights do they suggest should be taken? A “right” to health care? A “right” to a job? And what activism “outside the system” do they endorse? It’s interesting to speculate. Whatever the answers are I’m certain the “rights” and activism they support are not the same as mine.