Thou shalt not mock the kings men

I used a statement from security researcher Christopher Soghoian for the quote of the day a couple days ago. He said airport security was really “security theater”. Even before I had made that post the FBI had raided his home:

Soghoian … came home Saturday morning to find his door forced open, “a rather ransacked home, a search warrant taped to my kitchen table, a total absence of computers — and various other important things.”

It’s not that he’s trying to compromise airport security. It’s that he’s pointing out that airport security already is compromised, or, as his site used to read, “The TSA Emperor Has No Clothes.”

They should have arrested whoever came up with the stupid “security” procedures at the airports for wasting taxpayer money. But that’s not the way it works. I’m reminded of something $g(Joe Waldron) told me a long time ago about dealing with the police:

Once they have decided they want to talk to you the worst offense you can commit is “contempt of cop”.


1 thought on “Thou shalt not mock the kings men

  1. Exactly what they WONT do to the New York Times, et al, for leaking actionable, classified information to the enemy. As far as airport security goes, the enemy already knows all about it. The main thing that has changed is that passengers aren’t going to be the obedient sheep they were pre 9/11.

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