The Brady Campaign and me

Say Uncle noticed before I did but we are both getting Brady Campaign ads via Google on our blogs. Cool. Check out the “Sensible Gun Laws” in the third ad down:

If you were to see their ad on the sidebar and click on the link it would transfer another penny or two from them to my pocket for my campaign against the anti-gun bigots. That could be fraud if you didn’t really have an interest in them–but it would be ironic if it happened.


2 thoughts on “The Brady Campaign and me

  1. Particularly when I picked a random link on the target page and got:
    “Server Unavailable”..

    Heh.. their statistics don’t work, their thinking doesn’t work and their servers are on a break… Situation Normal… steady on..


  2. I clicked it for you and SaysUncle… anything to help drain their bank accounts of that extra nickel.

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