Kristen Rand in USA Today

If you know who Ms. Rand is (Legislative Director, Violence Policy Center) you know what she is going to say if she gets space for two or more words, “Ban guns”. In a letter to USA Today today she does not disappoint:

The fact is that such mass shootings are preventable, but the United States lacks the will to do what needs to be done: Ban handguns and semiautomatic assault weapons, and regulate the gun industry to control the firepower available to civilians.

I responded with my own comment:

M. Kristen Rand advocates banning some firearms. She gives the U.K. as an example. Apparently she has not looked at the violent crime rate before and after their ban. I just have Just One Question ( for Ms. Rand: Can you demonstrate just one time, one place, throughout all of human history, where restricting the access of handheld weapons to the average person made them safer?

It’s a pleasant thought to believe you can pass a law against something and that something will no longer exist. But it didn’t work with laws against recreational drug, laws against guns near schools, and laws against murder. The only thing a law banning firearms will do is disarm the victims. World history is full of such examples and the associated tragedies. The Amish school shooting is only one of the most recent examples.

No, I didn’t get into the bigot and “gun nigger” aspects of my recent proposal. It would not have been appropriate for this venue. However, I did have the “state of mind” I proposed. Go on the offensive. Make them justify their bigotry even if you don’t flat out call it bigotry. We’ll get there. Just keep pushing the envelope.