Gun Blogger Rendezvous Wrap up

I was up Friday night/Saturday morning until after 1:30 and the alarm went off at 7:15. Getting by on minimal amounts of sleep has been too much of a pattern for the last week but I needed to push through it. This sort of opportunity doesn’t happen often.

Range time went well. Breakfast at Denny’s–once Say Uncle and I found our way there. We found the range easily with Microsoft Streets and Trips using the GPS option. I reduced the mass of my ammo collection by about a factor of two so I suspect I may actually be within the guidelines of the airline for the return trip. I had a request from someone at work for lots of pictures and video but there just wasn’t that much that I found particularly interesting to take pictures of. And a lot of gun bloggers are very picture shy. They blog under pseudonyms and to have their picture associated with gun blogging would blow their cover.

In addition to Say Uncle and Kevin I wanted to meet Neanderpundit. Og was the first person I didn’t personally know to link to my blog. I wanted to thank him. We got a chance to chat some at the range but it was about Boomershoot and there was so much else going on I didn’t manage to bring the topic around to thanking him. He might actually make it to Boomershoot 2007 so I may get another chance to thank him in person.

We went back to the hotel and after getting cleaned up and having trouble finding my rental car in the garage (they really need to put numbers on the parking stalls) to get some essential supplies I only had about 30 minutes to finish writing my “speech” that Mr. Completely offered to let me give at the dinner. I’ll post an altered version of that here soon. Some things I could have said better and somethings were not to leave the room yet.

Dan McKowen was the guest of honor and was presented with a check for his continuing medical costs and he gave his speech. As usual there were lots of critical details left out of the story presented by the main stream media and Dan filled us in on those. Thank you Dan.

We returned to the hospitality room and talked until after midnight when people started leaving because they had planes to catch and hundreds of miles to drive the next day.

This morning Kevin and I had breakfast together, Say Uncle was supposed to join us but somehow we didn’t manage to connect with him. I then went back to bed and slept until after 15:00. Wow. I feel so much better now. As ex-coworker Niki from a long time ago used to say, “Sleep is such an amazing drug. It makes you feel so good.”

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  1. It was good to meet you and thanks for the mention!

    Your speech was not lost on us:

    It is a felony to deprive a US Citizen of his (or her) Constitutional rights; a separate but equal felony, if said depravation is performed by the Government or its agencies.

    The best defense is an overwhelming offense!

    Let me know how Traction Control can help to spread the word.

    Click Name.

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