Nice twist

All though this video I get increasingly uncomfortable. I kept thinking “this can’t turn out well” and I was tempted to stop watching. The tension gradually increases and reaches a peak just as you “know” it’s going to get really ugly. It has a nice twist at the end as everything resolves in a satisfactory manner that makes it worthwhile watching. Via Ry.

It illustrates the truth of Lyle’s post from the other day.


4 thoughts on “Nice twist

  1. I’ve watched that a couple of times now, and have pretty much dismissed it as being a nice attempt at an amatuer theatrical production. Who is going to continue filming when a guy is pointing a revolver at you? What BMW owner is going to carry a revolver, instead of a slick semi-auto of some sort? The whole thing smacked of being fabricated.

    That said – if you assume it was true, the Beemer couple were total boneheads. They continued and even escalated the situation. They enticed the “hicks” out to a remote location, assuming that they could handle the situation because they had a revolver – now, what would cause them to assume that the “hicks” wouldn’t jump out of their “redneck pickup” (a new model Nissan? please…..) with a couple of shotguns or a deer rifle. If you’re expecting to be in a gunfight, it pays to not be undergunned.

    If true, the whole group involved could serve as clear evidence of the need for birth control.

  2. It could be staged, but I’ve seen dumber things done first hand (I worked as a live sound engineer for a rock band for 15 years. Oh, the stories..). They hit a dead end. The guys in the pickup were being very combative with their driving. I don’t see it as all that unbelievable that the BMW driver would stop, rather than make a mad dash, possibly having a collision, when the aggressors would likely keep following him anyway. Dumb, maybe, but not unbelievable. Maybe he hasn’t thought through defense tactics all that much. I don’t see a conflict between having a nice car and a revolver. Some people like revolvers, and plenty of revolvers as just as expensive as many good autos. I know a sheriff’s deputy who loves revolvers.

    I was in a very similar situation once. I had to stab the throttle, risking a collision, to get in front of the other car when he tried to block my path, whereupon I headed straight toward the police station downtown. That did it– he broke off. If I’d been miles from the police station, the tactics would have been very different.

    One thing is for sure: When in that sort of situation (which is usually avoidable by NOT flipping the finger and talking smack to the other party) you want to be watching like a hawk for a gun in the hands of your opponent.

  3. I’m on the fence. If it’s fake, it’s good. Hicks drive Toyotas in Texas, I’ve seen it. The way the protagonist holds the revolver is Hollywood, but I’ve seen it often enough in real life.

    I also don’t see a conflict between a revolver and a BMW.

  4. I just considered it a story. True or false it didn’t matter.

    Lots of errors on both sides which is the way I view reality.

    I did want to give the BMW guy lessons on proper grip and stance.

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