Quote of the day–George H. Smith

Contrary to widespread opinion, to rationally demonstrate or justify a belief is not synonymous with claiming certainty for that belief.  Depending on various factors, such as the nature and amount of available evidence, a belief may be categorized as probable to some degree.  If this is what the evidence warrants, the belief has been justified.  Reason demands that the degree of certitude assigned to a belief must be in accordance with the available evidence.  Reason does not demand that every bit of human knowledge must be accepted as certain or closed to further investigation.

George H. Smith
From: Atheism: The Case Against God
[Although not directly mentioned in this quote I took Smith’s approach to theism in my approach to gun control. Translated that comes out as, demonstrate to me that your belief in the goodness of gun restrictions is valid. Hence, I have Just One Question. I have been asking that question for over six years now and still there is no answer other than the absurd.–Joe]