Quote of the day–Ann Coulter

Cybercast News Service: What do liberal environmentalists have against toilets that use water?

Ann Coulter: They admire the living situation of the earthworm and believe humans should emulate it.

This is why they adore primitive societies where people crap in holes behind their mud huts. They pray that these primitives never leave the mud huts — unless it’s to come clean their designer spa bathrooms “off the books.”

Cybercast News Service: Do you think any of them has ever used the type of dry toilet that they advocate?

Ann Coulter: Well, that would certainly explain why they’re so cranky all the time. Dry toilets are worthless. You can’t even use them to destroy a copy of the Koran. And believe me, I’ve tried.

Ann Coulter
June 6, 2006
[There are a lot of things I disagree with Coulter about but she does have a wicked sense of humor and a complete lack of mercy for her victims.  I admire both of those traits.–Joe]