More evidence of mental defect

We have long known they have mental problems. Bloomberg is just insisting everyone be aware of his mental defects:

..a ban on the use and sale of gun coloration kits, which are used to paint guns in “toy-like” colors, and the introduction of a one handgun every-three-month purchase limit.

I would have never guessed they would come up with a ban on paint as a means of gun control.  But then I keep making the mistake of thinking they are rational.

Update: The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms has something to say about Bloomberg too:

“Maybe somebody stole Mikey’s crayons when he was young,” Gottlieb suggested. “Or perhaps he was overcome by paint fumes as a youth. What else could explain this new phobia over firearms that just makes him purple with rage?

“Singing the blues about pastel pistols,” he concluded, “is nothing but a political red herring.”

2 thoughts on “More evidence of mental defect

  1. Well, he has to do SOMETHING about this epidemic of people painting thier guns to look like toys and then robbing banks with them, doesn’t he? I mean, how many times do we have to hear about a gang-banger with a hot-pink AK-47 pulling a drive-by before we do something?

  2. In the article Bloomberg was said to have waved two identical weapons, one a toy, one a tool.

    Wanna bet that he broke Cooper’s rule #2 in doing so?


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