Scrambled eggs for brains

Most gun control advocates have mental problems but they usually avoid contradicting themselves in the space of two minutes.  Mayor Street can’t even manage that:

The illegal guns – about 1,500 of them – covered most of the floor of the Mayor’s Reception Room on the second floor of City Hall.

Mayor Street, who said they had been confiscated since the start of 2006, used them as a platform yesterday for launching another gun-control campaign in Harrisburg.

“This [effort] isn’t going to go away,” Street said at a news conference. “When the General Assembly goes back into session, we will be there. I expect to be joined by mayors from other areas.”

“… If we can have gaming in the commonwealth, then we can restrict the flow of guns.”

“When you are out on the street and someone points a gun at you, you have to do something,” Street said. “We believe we have a well-managed Police Department.”

This was echoed by Police Commissioner Sylvester Johnson: “To kill or be killed often involves only a split-second decision. When cops are confronted by a person with a gun, they have to react.”

The cops “have to do something” when someone points a gun at them.  But private citizens don’t have the same need?  These people need some help from a mental health professional.