Hunting whitetail alternatives

Every once in a while people laugh at my method of getting a deer this year (something along the lines of “The Geek Goes Hunting”).  Well, here is someone else for you to laugh about:


For those of you unfamiliar with cannon artillery talk, a 12 pound Mountain Howitzer cannon was a small cannon used during the Civil War. The early mt howitzer cannons were originally designed to be disassembled and packed into the mountains on horseback, hence the name, Mountain Howitzer. The later model Mountain Howitzers, like this one, were built on a carriage designed to be “pulled” by horses. The “pound” designation ( 12 pdr ) in the name ” 12 pound Mountain Howitzer ” refers to the weight of the projectile that the mt howitzer cannon shoots. Therefore, a 12 pound Mountain Howitzer ( 12 pdr ) shoots a 12 pound cannonball. All artillery cannons with smooth bore barrels were described in the “pound” weight of their projectiles and were called “Cannons.” ( like the 12 pound Mountain Howitzer Cannon ) Artillery cannons with rifled barrels were described in the “inch” of their bore diameters and called “Guns.” ( like a 3 inch Gun ) First, let me start by saying that I’m pretty sure that it may not be entirely legal to use a Mountain Howitzer Cannon for deer hunting, at least not here in Wisconsin. ( I didn’t actually ask the DNR about using a Mountain Howitzer, but I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t like it ) Be sure to check with your own State Hunting regulations, …… ( see the “Hunting with Artillery section )

He goes on in great detail on how to build the Mountain Howitzer cannon, the ammo to use, how to use it safely in a hunting environment, and finally a picture of a whitetail buck harvested with a Mountain Howitzer cannon.