Jews in the Attic Test gets noticed

In the past couple of weeks several people on LiveJournal have been passing around a link to my Jews In The Attic Test.  Here are the ones I found recently:

There have been other blogs in the last few months too. This is very cool.  I have been pushing this concept for years and people always sort of looked at me funny when I talk about this sort of thing.  Some of the stuff I have been concerned about has been materializing. These include the situation in the U.K. with all the car license plates being tracked for years and the NSA listening in on certain communications. 

Maybe some people are starting to get it now.  I just hope it isn’t too late.  Ry and I had a rather depressing chat at lunch today about all the rules/laws/regulations that don’t apply if you happen to have the right connections or are in the proper position of power (and not all that high on the food chain either!).  Sort of like the Golden Rule: “Those with the gold make the rules.”  Only on a much larger, more scary scale.  The U.S. Constitition and the Bill of Rights isn’t really even considered a strong suggestion to our present day politicians.  Without that what do we have?  There are scary times ahead…


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  1. I’m a daily reader, Joe, via having syndicated your feed through livejournal. We all enjoyed the Jews in the Attic test!

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