The next step

Now that Canada is planning a near complete ban on handguns (the police and maybe some target shooters will be allowed to keep them) what’s next?  We didn’t have wait long before finding out.  From the Hamilton Spectator (Ontario):

Think we’ve got too many gun-control laws in this country? I don’t think we have enough.

Not with the news that the man accused of shooting Laval police Constable Valerie Gignac on Wednesday morning may have had legal access to a hunting gun capable of taking down an elephant.

Wendy Cukier, a Ryerson University professor of information technology, and co-founder of the Coalition for Gun Control, agrees. “It reinforces our continued theme about the implementation of the law, and belies the notion that plain old hunting rifles are not a problem.

“Many don’t know they can pierce body armour and shoot bullets 2 km — after all, the Tories say, they are just tools!”

In fact, misinformation about gun crime is rife. Think police are shot by city gangs with handguns from the U.S.? The last police officer shot in Toronto was shot by a disturbed man with his legally owned shotgun, while four RCMP constables were shot dead in Mayerthorpe, Alta., last March by a man on a farm who reportedly had a military-style assault rifle, a hunting rifle and a pistol when he was found dead — despite a 10-year firearm prohibition against him.

Cukier should be a familiar name to readers here.  Do a search for “Cukier” on this blog for more info on her.

They are “priming the pump” for the obvious next step–banning firearms used for hunting.