More Xenia humor

Last night Barb, Xenia, and I went to a meeting about Xenia’s drivers education class.  All the students and their parents were there.  One of the things the teacher talked about was a police officer that talked to the class the day before.  The students wrote questions on a pieces of paper and the questions were asked in a way such that the students who asked the questions couldn’t be identified.  The teacher said the most popular theme of the questions was about drinking and driving, open containers, passengers who had been drinking, etc.–then they got distracted by the question, “Is it legal to drive naked?” 

The room burst into laughter and a lot of the kids were pointing fingers at each other and whispering to each other accusing each other of submitted that question.  But Xenia just looked straight ahead with a straight face.  Barb and I both looked at Xenia.  “Xenia, that was you.  Wasn’t it?”  She gave us her Innocent Look.  “Xenia?”  She nodded her head and the Innocent Look broke into a tiny smirk.

Sometime I’ll have to get her to write down the story of when she sang Uncle Bonsai’s song Penis Envy on the bus to State for Drama and The Scotsman about kilts and ribbons to the people in the office at the Jr. High.  This kid lives in a different world than Barb and I did when we were that age.

5 thoughts on “More Xenia humor

  1. Since we’re writing songs about reproductive parts, how about “Vagina Envy”, Uterus Envy”, “Breast Envy” or something? Souldn’t it cut both ways?

    “If I had some Breasts
    I’d stick out my chest
    I’d fill ’em with plactic
    They’d look real fantastic
    And when I am talkin’
    You’d be just gawkin’….

  2. I NEVER sang “Penis Envy” in the jr. high office! I sang “The Scotsman” about kilts and ribbons.

    I sang “Penis Envy” on the bus to State for Drama.

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