In the NY Times?

I would have never expected to see things like this said in the New York Times about gun control:

“This is putting a Band-Aid on heart surgery,” said Gary P. Delagnes, president of the San Francisco Police Officer’s Association. He called it another “silly idea” from elected officials whose progressive ideas are not grounded in the realities of fighting crime.

“This is a triumph of symbolic politics,” said Franklin E. Zimring, at professor at the University of California at Berkeley Boalt School of Law, deeming the ordinance a “sure loser” in state court. Both daily newspapers in the city, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Examiner, cited the likelihood of a successful legal challenge as one key reason they recommend voters reject the measure.

Mayor Gavin Newsom, citing the likelihood of a successful court challenge, said he hasn’t bothered to take a position on the measure. “It’s a symbolic gesture,” Mayor Newsom said. “It’s a public opinion poll.”

Wow!  I must be hallucinating from eating too much Halloween candy or something.