Pink Pistols needed in the UK

Too bad handguns are banned in the UK.  It looks like they need a new Pink Pistols chapter there:

The killers of a man who was beaten to death in an “abhorrent and shocking” homophobic attack are likely to strike again, police warned yesterday.

Jody Dobrowski, 24, a bar manager from south-east London was chased and brutally beaten by his killers who shouted homophobic abuse while they kicked and punched him in a wooded park area in Clapham Common, south London.

Mr Dobrowski, who was found late on Friday night by passers-by was taken to hospital shortly after midnight where he died on Saturday from severe head, neck and face injuries. He is believed to have been gay although he had not formally told some family members. It is thought his attackers chased him shouting insults before cornering him and overpowering him – despite the fact that he was six foot four tall. Metropolitan Police investigators believe the two male suspects may have struck before and are “likely to strike again”.

A few weeks ago there were reports of an attempted garrotting in the same area.